1. One of the best-bottled water I’ve tasted. I love it cold, but I’ve used it in my tea and coffee as well. Very smooth.

  2. I am a connoisseur of great water, and Moon Fusion is some of the cleanest and best-tasting water I ever had. It brings clarity and balance as it feeds and fills my body and soul, I can feel the love. Thank you.

    Kay Tracy, Oklahoma

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed Moon Fusion Water. Tastes clean and feels revitalizing. Just took mine on a road trip, and enjoyed every sip. Highly recommend.
    Dev- BC, Canada

  4. My husband and I first purchased Moon Fusion Water at their merchant booth at the Portland Expo Center.

    He found the booth because I had been complaining that I couldn’t seem to quench my thirst, no matter how good water claims were, down to no-BPA containers, etc.

    I had finished the liter I brought with me, and it also didn’t quench my thirst, even though it was one of the “better’ waters I tried. So he decided to investigate, not just for me, but for us both.

    The flyer said, “Freshest Oregon Spring water, bottled at the mountain spring source, not chemically treated, no added ingredients, no BPA, no chlorine, high alkaline, and has a natural sweet taste, as it should be. The water is energized by the moon and Solfeggio sound frequencies at 528 Hz.”

    I learned that Moon Fusion water is energized at each full moon, and has the appropriate astrological sign (constellation) of the full moon listed on the bottle, along with tendencies of the moon in that sign. I am familiar with Solfeggio frequencies, having come into contact with Rife frequency machines, and several meditations on YouTube that use them.

    I was thirsty, so I picked up a bottle there. After half the bottle, I returned to the booth and picked up more. It was wonderful, and it quenched my thirst. My husband got some, too.

    I started my day with it the next day, and was “over the moon” to find that it didn’t give me heartburn. I had been dealing with heartburn upon my first sip of water in the morning, for almost a year. An extended period of high stress really messed me up. I was exhausted from managing crises. I wasn’t digesting properly, and any healing program or supplement had negligible effect.

    This water has true healing powers, and after all these months of use, while one crisis has abated but others are still in play, I still wake up to it with no heartburn.

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