The Source of Moon Fusion Water

Awaken your senses and glow with the flow with Moon Fusion Water!

Moon Fusion Water is pristine Oregon natural mountain spring water that has been infused and energized by the light of the full moon and enhanced with the healing energy of solfeggio frequencies, specific tones of sound that promote health benefits. 

During each monthly full moon, limited batches of bottled Moon Fusion Water are carefully set under the moonlight to capture powerful lunar energy within each bottle. The astrological moon sign for each batch is highlighted on each label and can be specifically ordered.

The liquid love of Moon Fusion Water helps you to glow with the flow!

Moon Fusion Water is an Independent Woman-Owned Business.

How is Moon Fusion Water Made?

For three nights during the full moon cycle a limited bottled batch of Moon Fusion Water is set under the Oregon skies for maximum moonlight absorption, regardless of the weather. Moon Fusion Water is energetically charged each night by the presence and power of the Full Moon. Direct moonlight is always a welcomed bonus. Healing solfeggio frequencies and intentions also energetically charge this water. Once the water has been lunar infused, it is ready to be used in numerous ways, and drinking is only one of them!

Feel recharged upon drinking Moon Fusion Water.

Moon Fusion Water is chlorine free and packaged in BPA free bottles.

The Effect of Moon Fusion Water

Water Source

This water is bottled at the source in North Powder, OR next to the famous Oregon Trail! 19th century pioneers collected water from this spring on their brutal journey to the West coast. Wagon tracks from the journey run right through the property above the spring. The water has many minerals that give it a great taste and many health benefits. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, Iron, sodium, and Potassium are all found in this spring water. The pH is 7.1, and the total dissolved solids tests at 260 ppm. The water free-flows out of the ground and is collected by a protected collection box. The spring is constantly overflowing to keep the water pure and fresh at 300 gallons per minute. When bottling, water is pumped out of the center of the collection box to a four stage filtering process. Lastly, it is injected with ozone to protect the consumer and keep the finished product fresh. Oregon Trail Mountain Spring Water LLC is located between the Eagle Cap Wilderness to the East and the Elkhorn Mountain Range to the West. Our goal is to bottle the same pure and natural spring water the pioneers and Native Americans drank and share it with the world.

Use Moon Fusion Water in Your Life

Moon Fusion Water’s main use is to cleanse negative energies: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Raise your vibration. Make cleaning sprays, especially for mirrors or windows. Cleanse and charge crystals and runes, water house plants, use in pet water bowls and hummingbird feeders, make coffee, tea, or ice cubes, pour in diffusors and humidifiers, use in carbonated, sparkling water and seltzer makers, can also mix in alcohol beverages. Use for bathing or washing hair, make face mists, linen sprays, or add to watercolors for painting. Also, enhance Moon Fusion Water with essential oils, salts, herbs, or flowers for your own applications. The possibilities are endless with Moon Fusion Water.

Curious About Astrology?

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